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About us

We support organizations in the private sector to create change that matters. We have always assisted our clients identify and set the direction toward their most important goals. Today, we go further: working together to turn these ambitious goals into reality.

From the C-suite to the front line, we partner with our clients to provide solutions that deliver results. This means embedding digital, analytics and design into core processes and mind-sets; building capabilities that enable organizations and people to thrive in an ever-changing context; and developing excellence in execution to ensure that actions translate into sustainable outcomes.

With exceptional people, expertise and insight to help you create the change that truly matters.

Management Team

we are a team of specialists ranging from business strategists, creatives, coders, system architects, hosting engineers and technical project managers that create, plan and implement bespoke digital solutions

El Asmar

Managing Director

Adrian Drăgulescu

IT Director

Vlad Gavriluk

Operations Director

Artyom Polyakoff

Technical Director
What we do

Strategy, products and solutions

Jigzo uses a methodical approach to understanding our clients business requirements


We use an analytical, collaborative approach for strategy and implementation, a unique methodology designed for impact.


Supporting clients build digital businesses by combining data science, human-centered design and Lean Startup methodology.

Product Development

Conception-to-commercialisation enabling our clients to identify market opportunities, access design and development expertise to create ideas which will drive growth.

Transformation & Turnaround

Ensuring successful business transformation through analytically planning, execution and guided change efforts.

New Business Building

Working side-by-side with our clients to build new businesses ‒ whether starting from scratch or expanding into new areas.

Program Management

Optimizing program governance, processes, tools and analytics utilising our expertise and experience driving specialised projects.


Our changing world demands a new approach to business. Jigzo’s unique combination of people, products, technology and services enable us to deliver solutions focused on the overall business objectives. Our expertise and practical guidance across the project lifecycle, from strategic development to implementation and ongoing maintenance, will support organisations reach their business ambitions.


Jigzo has a range of pre-built business platform solutions which can be customised to the specific needs of our client. Software-as-a-service is a licensing and delivery model in which software is provided on a subscription basis. A range of bespoke technologies are available including gaming and payment platforms.

Custom Projects

We specialise in delivering custom-built, flexible and scalable digital solutions for a range of industries. Our team will meticulously manage the project from conception to completion, whether it is end-to-end or part of a larger project. We work closely with stakeholders to ensure the final solution meets budget, brief and time requirements.


Through a strategic partnership with Jigzo; clients benefit from having a dedicated and committed team of specialists with a range of skills and expertise available on demand as in-house members. Providing on-going bespoke and innovative business solutions that deliver both value and results.


With experience in a range of business development disciplines, we have the industry understanding, insight, technical resources and expert team to add value and deliver measurable results.

Financial Services

Jigzo is shaping the future of the financial services industry by developing leading financial technologies and solutions. We have an unparalleled understanding of the evolving market structures, economics, strategic and regulatory trends in the banking and payment segments of the financial services sector. Our distinct approach is characterized by deep specialisation and rigorous fact-based analysis.

Gaming & Entertainment

New trends and technologies are driving innovation, disruption, and opportunities for growth in the entertainment and gaming industry. The world of entertainment & gaming is changing for each one of us and for obvious reasons the user is at the heart of this change. From matchmaking and video streaming platforms to gaming systems, Jigzo combines domain expertise with technical prowess to deliver quality products and solutions.


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